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22 mars 2017



Darwin is the most populous city of northern territory, in australia. Situated on the sea Timor .
Darwin counted 140 400 inhabitants in 2014.
Darwin developed from an outpost of settlers and a small port town to one of Australia's most
modern and cosmopolitan cities.
Darwin is renowned for being the city with the most stormy flashes in the world. It is also the 
city with the most accidents due to marine crocodiles, reaching up to seven meters in length
and weighing near the sea, a ton .





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20 mars 2017



The races of australians thoroughbreds were organised by Australian Racing Board, the australian authorities, they also organised
 the rules of the races.

The horse racing are the third most anticipated event in the country.In addition to beig a sport that attracts spectators, horse racing is also an industry that provides full time or part time jobsto about 250 000 peoples.

2016 Melbourne Cup Almandin


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Ther kangaroo is a marsupial of the macropidae family typical of the australian continent, 

we can find four differents species: the red kangaroo, the grey kangaroo, the antelope kangaroo and the giant kangaroo , there are also added subbspecies as the wallaroos and the wallabys.they are found exclusively in Australia and New Guinéa. The australians kangaroos are estimated to be forty millions.



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15 mars 2017

 Greg Norman was born on the 10 february 1955 in Mount Isa, is an Australian golfer , he became professional in 1976. He won his first big tournament in 1980 with the open de france. Nick named the Great White Shark, he has only two major tournaments on his hit list: two british open golf won in 1986 and 1993.

Greats of the Game: Greg Norman



Greg Norman

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